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The only purpose of is to help all people come to know the Lord better, and to love and trust Him more because the more we know of God the more we will love Him. 

This website is not meant to be controversial.  If you study your Bible more, love and trust the Lord more, then this site will have served its purpose. 

Please tell us of any broken links, or pages that you think do not look like they are working correctly, or any grammar or spelling errors that you might find.  (Errors have a way of taking our minds off of what is most important, therefore they need to be fixed as soon as possible, so please help us.) 

And if you have other Bible related comments, questions or concerns, we would really like to hear them too.  (Providing us with your contact information is required and will be used to reach you if we have questions.  Your email address will not be sold.)

Here are a few comments received:

  • "Brilliant web site, thank you.  It will be a great asset to my ministry as a pastor."

  • "Thank you for this site!"

  • "I am just contacting you because I want to thank you and your ministry (thank you) for what you do and to tell you to keep doing it! I have been watching your videos and I love your posters, bookmarks and your timelines."

  • "Your website is very impressive."

  • "I’m very to happy to have found this website. It is very, very informative."

  • "Fantastic site! I'm a new Christian and it's helping me grow much closer to the Lord.  I'm learning Biblical things I never learned in church.  Now I totally get it!"  [Editor-Thank you for your kind words, but please do not stop going to church!  Besides, other people want to know God better too, so when you go to church be sure to share what you have learned with them.]

  • "Thanks so much! I was not raised in the Lord.  I love how this web site helps me teach my boys!"

  • "Great site!  It's very uplifting to hear the explanation of God's Word in an upfront and beautiful way."

  • "Absolutely Fantastic!"

  • "Simply awesome ... just lifted me up and spoke right to my heart."

  • "I enjoy this resource, and will recommend it to the webmaster of our church."

  • "I have been a believer 40 years, been to Bible College, and there is a lot on your site I either did not know or had forgotten.  THANKS for compiling it."

  • "I came across this website a couple of days ago while searching for a biblical definition of god's grace. I don't find reading the bible easy, even if I read a modern interpretation. This website has kept me interested, wanting more. Thank you!!"


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ !!!

Thank you for your kind words, they are very much appreciated!  This website is dedicated to sharing the good news about who God is, and we like to think of it as HIS website.  We are greatly blessed and praise God when we hear of ways and times that this website has been a blessing to you, so please continue to share those with us. 

May you continue to be blessed as you share God's love, and this website, all around the world (literally).








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