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Reference Guide #8

Bowing to Babylon


The Bible describes a final message that goes out to the world before Jesus returns. The message clearly identifies that the final war will be over worship.


  • Daniel 3 Three Hebrew boys took a stand for true worship and refused to bow to Babylon even when persecuted. The same test will come at the end of time.
  • Rev. 14:6–14 Three angels declare that we are to worship the Creator, not bow to Babylon, and beware that whoever worships the beast and his image will suffer eternal judgment.
  • Genesis 2:1–3 God is the Creator of the world and established the 7th-day Sabbath to recognize His role as Creator.
  • Mark 2:27 The Sabbath was made for man (all mankind), not only for the Jews.
  • Psalm 111:2–4 He made His works to be remembered, and the Sabbath commandment in His law begins with the word “remember.”
  • Exodus 20:8–11 The fourth commandment regarding the Sabbath.
  • Ezekiel 20:12, 20 The Sabbath is a special sign between God and His people.
  • Revelation 1:10 What day is the “Lord’s Day”?
  • Matthew 12:8 He is “Lord” of the Sabbath day and the commandment itself says it is “the Sabbath of the Lord.”
  • James 2:10-12 If we purposely break one commandment, we are guilty of breaking all.
  • Matthew 5:17–27 Jesus shows us the eternalness and spirituality of the moral law.
  • Luke 16:17 It is easier for heaven and earth to pass than one tittle of the law to fail.
  • Luke 23:54–24:1 Again, the Christian Sabbath is the 7th-day—Saturday.
  • Mark 15:42–16:1 This passage confirms again which day of the week is the true Sabbath.
  • John 15:10 Jesus kept His Father’s commandments and asks us to also.
  • Luke 4:16 Jesus had a custom of worshiping every Sabbath.
  • 1 John 2:3–6 We ought to walk as Jesus walked.
  • Matt. 24:15–20 Jesus looked prophetically into the future to the destruction of Jerusalem and asked His disciples to still be honoring the 7th-day Sabbath.
  • Luke 23:54–56 After Jesus’ death, they rested on the Sabbath “according to the commandment.”


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