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Is God Egotistical?


Why does God always want all the glory and all our praises?  Is He so full of Himself that He just has to have all we can give? (Or does it have something to do with how much He loves us?)

It's a fair question.  At first glance it seems that God needs our praises to boost His self image or something, but let's think about this question some more.  What's in it for God when we give Him all the glory?  Is He really needing the praise, or is it because He is wanting to see the correct attitude in us? 

When we give God real glory and praise it will stem from a heart full of gratitude and love.  God wants us to be truly happy and when we are praising Him it is doing us the most good and we actually become happier and that makes God happier.  So God wanting all of our praise is actually God wanting the best for us. 

What AMAZING love!

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