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The Fiber-Optic Christian

(Also see The Gospel in Fiber Optics)
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Optical fibers are made of either glass or plastic and usually are not much thicker than a coarse human hair.  Their small diameter makes them quite flexible.  They are designed to function as a waveguide or a "Light Pipe" to transmit light from one end to the other with very little loss.  These fibers are typically used in fiber-optic communications where light is used to transmit data (sound, images, text, etc.) over very long distances.  Most of the time many strands of optical fiber are bundled together into a fiber-optic cable.

Humans in general are much like a single strand of a fiber-optic cable.  Like the optical fiber, our existence is meaningless unless we are conducting light.   And like the optical fiber, none of us have any light of our own and can only transmit whatever light we are near.
There is only one Source of Light (Jesus), so when a human gets close to this Source he begins to glow, just like a fiber-optic strand glows when it is near light.  Neither an optical fiber nor people have to work at transmitting light, it just comes naturally.
photo credit: [luis] via photopin cc
Again, all fiber-optic strands that are facing the light will "produce" light.  The closer they are to the light the brighter they are and so it is with Christians.  Jesus said that people are known by their fruits.  In other words, it's what Christians "produce" that sets them apart; it's Who they are close to that makes the difference.  If something comes between a Christian and the Light, then "his" light goes out or dims. Christians are known by "their" light.

Each Christian may reflect a totally different color because God is much more than any one of us can show the world.  Someone looking at a specific Christian will only see what that Christian sees in God, but as long as each Christian stays close to God he will display exactly what God is like. (Our God is so amazing and so full of surprises that as we look at each other we might see something totally different than WE see.  But instead of criticizing others for not looking like us we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and not worry about the color someone else is displaying.  Remember, Jesus is the only Source of Light, so if you see light reflected in someone else then it is His light.)

photo credit: amitp via photopin cc
Churches are a lot like a fiber-optic lamp.   Each church is made up of many members just like the lamp is made up of many fibers.  (Collectively Christians give off a great deal of light and information about our loving and awesome God.) Each church member attempts to perfectly represent their Creator, and even though they will always fail to show ALL of who He is, they do show the world what can be seen when one looks in His direction. Even a whole "bundle" of Christians cannot show all of who God is because of how amazing and awesome He is, but a much better representation is seen.  (By the way, this can also be seen as another very good reason to go to church and not just stay home. When Christian's "bunch together" in a family they can actually show the world MUCH more of who God is.)

The pastor of a church can be illustrated as being much like the base of a fiber-optic lamp which holds the fibers together and keeps them close to the light.  Pastors are the ones that have been ordained by God to keep the church together and to keep the members close to the Source of Light.  The pastor is made of the same material as members and so he lets his light shine in the community as well, but his light is more often directly associated with the church than are the member's lights.

photo credit: Wysz via photopin cc
One lone fiber can display a very bright light even though that light could be coming from very "far away", and when you bunch the fibers together you will obviously get a much bigger and better picture of what is on the other end.  You may even consider that what is on the other end (the Light Source) is even brighter & larger than what can be reflected by the bunch of fibers (members of the church).

photo credit: darkmoon via photopin cc
If an "end-glow" fiber allows light to escape from the sides it is because it has been damaged.  When Christians are "damaged" by hardship, pain and suffering the Light inside can be seen from all sides as well.  People can see that even though the Christian has been hurt the light that is within is still there.  Plus it now comes out in all directions glorifying God even more than before.
When a fiber-optic lamp is set in a dark room it is easy to see that each fiber sheds the light it receives right where it's at and together these fibers create a very beautiful sight. When a Christian church is set in a dark world each true Christian sheds the light he receives. and no matter where he ends up he becomes a blessing to others. And in fact, when we ask God to guide us and use us as He pleases we can be sure that wherever we are that is where He wants us to be.  

Christians make the world a very beautiful place, but only because of the LIGHT OF JESUS!

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Updated: Sep 17, 2017