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Links & Tools

Tools to help you share the Good News. 

Get the free "Grace" poster design here.
Share www.BibleTimelines.com with everyone you know!  Click here for predesigned "business" cards, posters, bookmarks and banners. 

  Digma.com  (Short videos that explore the most vital questions that bang around in our heads.)


Animations of Bible Topics (not from BibleTimelines.com)

   The 10-Commandments (Featured on LifeTalk Radio.)

   The Creation (Featured on LifeTalk Radio.)

   The 2nd Coming of Jesus (Featured on LifeTalk Radio.)

   The Passion of Christ (Featured on LifeTalk Radio.)

   "Is Heaven for Real?"

   The Hope   

("The Story of God's Promise to All People", a free 80 minute long movie.)


Additional Bible Study



Bible Search Tools

  • Bible Concordance by BibleUniverse.com (free online searching)
  • Bible Concordance by Biblia.com  (free online Bible-several languages)
  • Bible Concordance by BibleGateway.com (free online searching)
  • Bible Concordance by BlueLetterBible.org (free online searching)
  • Bible Concordance by ScriptureText.com  (free online searching)
  • Free Bible search software from e-Sword  (Stated as being "The best free Bible software on the web."   Many FREE Bibles available on this site, including many free translations.) 
  • The world's leading Bible software, Logos.com.  (Explore and understand the Word.)


Other Bible Timeline Sites


Special Mention

  • Some of the BEST Christian images on the web can be found at GoodSalt.com .
  • Digma.com  (short videos that explore the most vital questions that bang around in our heads)
  • Nathan Greene's paintings speak volumes without saying a word.  Visit  Hart Classic Editions and purchase his works of art. Then you can loudly share your faith without making a sound, every minute of every day.
  • Check out these sites for Christian Skits to use for Church and youth gatherings:  SkitGuys.com
  • Wanting to regain your health or just looking for the best healthy living tips?  Check out: LeavesOfLife.org.
  • Creation Illustrated Magazine is a Bible based magazine devoted to sharing examples of God's creation in story & photo.  This is a beautiful resource for anyone wanting to know more about God through His works.


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