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Books (to help add depth to your Bible study):


Bible Commentary  (5 volumes)


Viewing the heavens through a telescope makes things much clearer, but cannot change what is seen. It is much the same thing with these commentaries, they make what is already in the Bible much clearer.

Most Bible commentaries allow you to search by Bible verse, but this is not your typical Bible commentary.  Most of what is found in this commentary is organized by subject and event, and for the most part it is written in chronological order.  It was designed to lead the reader to a better understanding of the love of God so that we may know that we can trust Him with our future.

These five volumes cover the entire story of salvation as found in the Bible from the origin of sin to sin's total eradication from the universe.  Clicking a link below will open the entire book.  (Most of these books are quite large and may take extra time to open, so please be patient.)

Adam thru King David

To purchase the complete set click here.  This entire set may be read free here on BibleTimelines.com, but sometimes it's great to have a book to sit down with also.

Solomon thru Nehemiah

The life of Jesus Christ

Stories from the lives of the Apostles

From the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70A.D. to the New Earth





Additional "must read" books (not part of the commentary set)

(These books were placed here for those wanting to KNOW their Bible better.)


The Bible Itself


There are several great websites that feature electronic searching among other things.  You may find that one of these website formats works better than another for the way you study.  Here are just a few:


Updated: Dec 17, 2016