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AAAA - Many browsers allow you to hold down your "CTRL" or "COMMAND" key and use the "+" or "-" keys to change the size of the text thoughout this site.


(A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is highly recommended.  These are not your ordinary timelines, so please read carefully.)

Click here to view the instruction video.  (4 minutes - Please note that the entire site has recently been redesigned.  This video will be updated when possible, but the basics of how the timelines were designed to be used have remained the same.)

As stated on the Home page, this is a series of Bible timelines that attempts to look at the overall picture as shown in the Bible.  Because these timelines were designed to help a person dig into why an event happened you will find very few dates on any of them.  Rather than try to pinpoint the exact "Time" something happened, these timelines are attempting to show "What" happened and "Why" it happened.

Everyone of these timelines are related in one way or another.  The free printable poster below (click the poster to download and print) only shows how 5 of these timelines are related, but it should give you the basic idea.  For example, the last timeline on this poster is the Passion Week Timeline and depicts the last  few days of the Ministry of Jesus Timeline, which depicts the last 3 1/2 years of the Life of Jesus Timeline, which is shown on the People and Events Timeline, which is all part of the Gospel Timeline.


Many of the events on these timelines are actually hyperlinks which when clicked will take you to additional information about that event.  Just use your mouse and click on a link to access this new information.  (example)

Note:  Please be aware that you may find "links" that are not part of bibletimelines.com.  These links will usually have a double underline and will lead you to a site that is not affiliated with bibletimelines.com in any way.  If you find one, please ignore it.  These links are not part of the bibletimelines.com website.  (They are usually caused by "Ad Ware" which is on your computer.  Ad Ware does not seem to harm a computer, but tries to get the computer user to view commercial web sites and make a purchase.)  
           BibleTimelines.com does not have ANYTHING for sale on this website, but for your benefit there are links to books, etc for sale on other unaffiliated websites.


Some of the timelines and posters on this website may take a little time to load, depending on your internet-connection speed, but you should find that they are well worth the wait. 

This whole website is divided into four categories, with sub-categories as shown below:

  • Timelines

    • The Bible History category contains historical events as related to the Gospel of Jesus.
    • The Bible Prophecy category contains only specific Biblical prophecy timelines. (What is "prophecy"?) These timelines are from a specific book or chapter (i.e. Daniel 2).
    • The Bible Principles category contains timelines showing principles or teachings found in the Bible.
  • Videos

    • The Video category is a listing of the videos found on this website.
  • Articles

    • The Articles category takes a look at topics that are difficult, or impossible, to show in a timeline format.
  • Books

    • The Books category was created to allow you access to online Bibles, plus 10 other books used on this site.


Most, but not all, of the "Scrollable Full-Size" timelines have areas (buttons) on them that can be clicked for further information.  If your pointer changes shape then you are most likely over one of these "buttons".  After clicking one of these buttons with your mouse you should see additional information displayed on your screen.  Some of these buttons will even display additional timelines.

There are Posters, Business Cards, Bookmarks and Postcards that can be printed and shared with others.  You may want to print several of each and put them up at work, school, church, apartments, laundramats, etc.  Most timelines and several large posters can be found on the Printable Timelines page.  (None of the timelines, posters, bookmarks or postcards are copyright protected.  Feel free to print anything you would like.)

If you haven't already done so, please take the time to read the "Purpose of these timelines"

May the Lord bless your study and give you insight that cannot be shown on any computer screen or in any book. 


(This site is best viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.)

Updated: Jan 21, 2015