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The difference between "Contact" and "Discussions" in the Menu above is that Contact is directed towards the Editor and is kept private.  These Discussion pages are for anyone who wishes to leave their own Bible-based comment about any Bible topic, without having to leave an email address.  (There isn't even a need to Sign-In.)

If you are OK with everyone seeing and commenting on your thoughts, and are not expecting the Editor to be the only one to comment, then leave your message here for the whole world to see.  (Literally, there are not many countries that BibleTimelines.com has not been view from.)  Your comment will be approved or denied as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.


  • do not run down another person, their beliefs, or their church.
  • be kind, and use pure, clean language.
  • posts need to be in English.
BibeTimelines.com (BTL) is partly about learning from each other, so teach us what you have found in the Bible, and we will try to share what we have learned also.

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