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A Different Path for Each of Us?

Some people feel that the Holy Spirit will only teach truth in one very specific way, but because each of us is in a different location spiritually He obviously will have to take us right where we are and give us each different directions on how to get to the truth. The truth is not different, only the way we get to the place where we understand truth correctly. (A map of everyone's route might look like the typical map of any place.)

It's kind of like each of us being in a different location physically and yet all trying to get to the same spot on this globe. For example, if we all received the exact same directions on how to get to Seattle, Washington, USA most of us could not get there. Every one of us needs a set of directions that are ours and ours only.

Even if you are married and each of you believe pretty much the same thing, if God needs to teach you something new then He most likely will need to give each of you a different set of events or lessons to help each of you understand whatever it is that He wants to teach you. (But of course He will not separate you.)

God might even have to take one of us "all the way around the farm just to get across the yard" so to speak. And if we try to follow His directions and yet get mixed up part way around the farm and become totally lost He may need to give us completely different directions than He gave us first because we are no longer in that same spot spiritually. For you it might just take a direct route straight to the truth because "you can follow directions better".

By the way, God will never tell you to go back to where you were and start over. He wants you to understand truth. The sooner the better, and so He will guide you from that new point in your life rather than sending you back to where you were before.

And why should we criticize our brothers and sisters because they do not see things as we do? Maybe from their vantage point they can actually see the goal and can see how to get there, where as you may be down in a valley and need to either get to where they are so you can see too, or find a totally different route.  

The point is that if someone proves to you that such and such is true, "getting to the place where you totally understand it" may be different for you than for someone else.

Let the Holy Spirit be your Guide and you will NEVER go wrong. You might have to take a different route than someone else, but God will NEVER guide you down the wrong path.

But isn't that the way God is, always looking out for us? He just wants the absolute best for us and He'll do whatever it takes to help us find our goal, even if it means putting something in our way to guide us in the right direction.

(Just make sure you're not listening to an unholy spirit because they will try to deceive you. What you are taught MUST come from the Bible ONLY, so you must know what the Bible says! The Holy Spirit will not teach anything other than what the Bible teaches. But if you study the Word for yourself, and ask and trust God to guide you then He will do it. He has promised.)

Matthew 6:33:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 7:7:

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:



What an AWESOME God!


Updated: Feb 28, 2016