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Print Business Cards

The business card images below are only 72DPI versions.  Please click on an image below to display and download the 300DPI version, then send these to a commercial printer. 

(the newest)

2" x 7" Bookmark & Business Card 

The "Professional Printing" button below will display a 300DPI image which was sized to order from M13.com  If you care to you could place your own church or business information on the back of this bookmark/business card and use it for your primary business card.  This size can be folded and placed in a normal business card pouch to carry in your wallet or purse.  (UV coating will make it much stronger.)
This card was designed to fold in the center to make it the
same size as a normal business card (2" x 3.5" after folding).

Single-sided or Front Images
Back Images (Choose one to be used for the back.)
You could also use the back of these cards
for your own church or pastor's information.
Updated: Oct 15, 2016