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Print Timelines (Large versions)

Most of the timelines on this website are available in a larger version, and links to those FREE files have been placed here for your convience.  The timelines below are not placed in any special order.  Click an image to view the full-size timeline that's ready for downloading and printing.  (For the most part these timelines are the same as you see on the webpage, though there are a couple that have been slightly modified.)

None of the timelines found on BibleTimelines.com are copyrighted.  Please feel free to print and use any, or all of the timelines found on this site in any way that you feel will bring honor to our God and Creator. (This means that you may even place them on your own website, but please do not modify them.)  Most of them are too large to print on the typical home/office printer, but if you wish to have them printed by a professional you may freely download them.

If you plan to use these to project onto a screen (TV or overhead projection) it is suggested that you just use the whole page where that timeline is used here on this website instead of using the one below.  That way the entire timeline will retain its interactive quality, it can still be scrolled, and can be more easily used for Bible study.


The bright blue portion of this timeline is much like the original Ministry of Jesus Timeline (no images).  The lower portion shows the Harmony of the Gospels.  Click here to view the 4"x48" 300dpi version. This can easily be printed much larger, even 12"x12'.  Or print at home.
(This timeline can only be found on this page.)

Updated 5/31/2014 - This 300dpi file contains the poster shown above which attempts to show the life of Jesus and where He came from.  It contains all 3 newly redrawn "Jesus timelines" and the newly redrawn Gospel Timeline.  It is 48" x 100" if printed full size (Just over 33.3 Sq. Ft. @ 300dpi).  

Updated 5/31/14 - The 300DPI Gospel Timeline (same as what's on the webpage), but it also includes most of the text from that page. Prints at approx. 14" x 94" (about 9.14sf)
Updated 12/26/12 -  The above file contains the two newly redrawn timelines, but only at 100dpi.  The Jesus' Ministry Timeline & The Passion Week Timeline will print at 18" x 104.32" (about 13 Sq. Ft.).  Click the image to view this file, right-click and then click "Save Image As..."


Updated 7/7/2012 - This Life of Jesus Timeline is the 300dpi version of what is seen both above and on the web page.  It is 4" x 36" at 300dpi and can easily be printed at 100dpi (12" x 108"= 9 sq. ft.) if desired.  Click the image above to display the 300dpi file. 
Updated 12/26/12 - This Jesus' Ministry Timeline is 400dpi.  This timeline covers the last 3 1/2 years of the life of Jesus. (size: 4" x 62")

Updated 3/8/2012 - The Passion Week Timeline is 400dpi.  This timeline covers the last week of the life of Jesus while He was here on earth. (size: 5.5" x 50.5")

Updated 12/9/2012 - The Apostles Timeline is 46.8" x 4.14" when printed at its original 300DPI, but you can easily print it at 100DPI making it 3 times that size.

Updated 1/1/2013 - Click the image to view the 300DPI version.  This timeline will print at 54" x 4.25" if printed the full 300DPI.

Updated 6/12/13 - This Creation Timeline is 300dpi.  Print size is 3" x 30".

Updated 6/18/2013:  This Moses & The Exodus Timeline is 300DPI and is 4.14" x 46.82".
Updated 1/13/17 - This 150DPI version of the Daniel 8 & 9 Timeline is identical to the one shown on the webpage, plus it contains most of the text from that page.  (size: 32" x 192")  
Updated 1/13/17 - The 300dpi version prints at 16" x 96"
Updated 1/13/17 - 300dpi timeline only

(Some people believe the prophecy found in Daniel 8 & 9 to be the main one that proves that Jesus is who He said He was.  That would make this timeline one of the most important available on this website, and when looked at in relation to Daniel 12:4 (see the end of this timeline and the next timeline) it can easily be seen that we really are living in the Time of the End.)
Updated 2/2/2013: Click the image to view and download the 300DPI version.  At that resolution this timeline will print at about 36" x 3".

Updated 12/14/2013: The Death & Hell Timeline @ 300dpi can be accessed by clicking the above image.

Updated 12/14/2013: The "Jesus Returns Timeline" is almost identical to the "Death & Hell Timeline", but different enough to be placed here.  Click the image to display the 300dpi version.

Updated 8/24/2012: This timeline is 200DPI (5.9" x 32.8") and can be accessed by clicking the image.

Updated 11/25/2012 -  This newly redrawn End Times Timeline is only 200DPI.  It will print at 46.8" x 4.14".  

Updated 1/21/2013: Click the image to view and download the 300DPI version.  This timeline will print at about 40" x 3" at 300DPI.

Updated 9/9/2016 - This Theater of Our Universe Timeline is a 300dpi JPG version of the one shown on the web page. (print size @ 300dpi:  92.9"x8.3", about 5.4 SF)

Updated 6/12/13 - This Creation poster attempts to demonstrate the Creation Week inside of eternity past.  (300dpi)  This timeline poster will fit on a normal size piece of paper (8.5"x11") and still be legible, but it would be much better if printed 16" long or more.

New as of September, 2016:  The Bible-Summary Poster is attempting to graphically
summarize the Bible, and is 24.125" x 36.125" @ 300dpi

New as of September, 2016: This "poster" is a compliation of two timelines and also tries to give a graphical summary of the whole Bible.  It will print about 93" x 22" if printed at 300DPI.

This  Knowledge Timeline is 300DPI and will print at approx. 3.6" x 72"

Updated: Mar 5, 2018